Yoga helped heal my broken heart.

Now I love to share the practice that continues to improve my life so much, through my teaching.

In my early life I began exploring movement of the body through the creative expressions of ballet, contemporary dance and acting.  I was also drawn to the visual arts and was an all-round creative spirit. It was in my early twenties whilst at Art College (in the late 90’s) that I went to my first yoga class; I was hooked by the sensations of stretching and the relaxation it bought. I regularly attended yoga classes after this…

However it was not until my early thirties that I delved much deeper into Yoga, after the end of a long term relationship. I discovered that the practice helped me feel more grounded, uplifted and energised at a time when I was finding life difficult.

Intrigued to know more I gravitated to India, as part of a six month trip away. During my time in India I undertook my first Hatha Yoga teacher training course; it was a transformative experience.  Of course it’s a cliche but I ‘found myself’ and had to face up to some self truths. Despite wanting to leave time after time, I didn’t and it put me on the path to becoming the person and the teacher I am today.

A year later I completed a second Ashtanga and Hatha training, then met Norman Blair, who introduced me to Yin yoga and went on to become my mentor. I completed my training in both Yin yoga and Restorative yoga.  I love the deeply nourishing practice of Yin yoga but I also need the dynamism, strength and grace of an Ashtanga practice. Sometimes what I need most is a bolster and some deeply relaxing Restorative Yoga. We all need balance in our lives!

I try to be non-prescriptive in my approach to my practice and this carries through into my teaching also.


Hatha Yoga 200 hour Yoga Alliance  | Bharath Shetty  | Mysore, India | 2012
Ashtanga & Hatha 200 hour Yoga Alliance | Melanie Cooper & Laura Gilmore | UK | 2013
Yin Yoga | Norman Blair | UK |  2014 with Norman
Restorative Yoga | Judith Hanson Lassater | UK | 2016
Advanced Yin Yoga | Norman Blair | UK | 2017
Yin Yoga | Bernie Clark | Vancouver, Canada | 2018