Yin Yoga

I teach Yin yoga. A deliciously deep and sometimes challenging practice.

Yin yoga is accessible to anyone who can sit on the floor & is a valuable practice for both beginners and experienced yoga practitioners.

Yin postures are long held, between 3 – 5 mins and mostly seated; combining forward bends, back bends, lateral stretches & twists.  The slow stretching targets the connective tissue (fascia), tendons, ligaments and joints of the body.  Yin postures also activate the meridian lines (energy pathways) in the body, which can release ‘stuck’ energy or ‘Chi’, shift negative emotional states and promote physical healing.

Yin yoga can help to cultivate a more open body, to soften and release in this meditative & contemplative practice.

Sometimes we need to be still and learn to cultivate patience.

I studied Yin yoga with & continue to learn from Norman Blair, much respected Yin yoga teacher, who recently wrote – Brightening Our Inner Skies – Yin & Yoga.