Studio Workshops

Studio Workshops


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Hosted by LEVELSIX

Spring is a joyful season when nature is emerging after the long rest of winter. Blossom appears on the trees, the weather is warmer and we have more daylight. Often it feels like an optimistic time of year, perhaps it will more so than ever this year! 

In the Chinese medicine model of 5 element theory Spring relates to the Wood element and to creation, beginnings, plans, optimism, power and expansion.  When in balance Woods qualities are rooted, firm and steady. From these steady roots, we can create clear plans and have the vision & courage to put them into action.  But we also have to learn how to be flexible, so we can bend with the winds that inevitably blow through life.

The practice – Yang phase

We shall start with a movement-based practice + we will learn how to ‘root’ in order to ‘rise’.  The Yang phase will encourage the smooth flow of “Qi” or energy within your body through a physical flow.  The practice will be 75 minutes of flow influenced by both Yoga and Qi Gong.  Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese practise of coordinated movements.  Qi Gong means life energy cultivation.  The Liver energy likes to move and the flow will stimulate both the Liver and Gallbladder Meridian channels.  The Liver channel is on the inside of the legs and is considered Yin + the Gallbladder channel runs down the side of the body of the body and is considered Yang. The Flow will consist of lots of lovely side stretches and we will work the groin area on the inside of the legs as well.

The practice – Yin phase 

Spring is an upward energy and the Yin practice will also focus on stimulating the Liver and Gallbladder channels, but in a passive way.  

Yin yoga postures are floor based and held for 3 – 5 minutes.  Yin yoga works the body on many levels;
Physically: the deep layers of Fascia through slow stretching are released.
Energetically: The Meridian pathways (energy channels from Chinese medicine model) in the body, which are close to the surface of the skin are stimulated and this can release stagnant or stuck Qi (energy)
Meditative: Yin yoga is a practice which creates space for stillness and therefore it is meditative in quality and can help cultivate a settled mind.

I will also share seasonal tips to help support you in Spring, including nutrition, acupressure points and lifestyle.

Price: £20 and includes 1 online class credit