St John’s Workshops

St John’s Workshops

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Immerse yourself in an extended yin, restorative yoga and Qi Gong or yin and sound healing workshop in the beautiful surroundings of St John’s church. Workshops are seasonal and based on 5 elements theory of Chinese medicine, representing the 5 elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth + Metal.

Yin yoga works the deep fascia of the body and can help to release tension, through long held seated postures. Yin also activates the energetic body working the meridian pathways and can be a deeply healing practice. Yin yoga can also be meditative as we settle in the postures for up to five minutes. 

Restorative yoga is floor based long held postures that are supported by props, which allows the body to deeply relax + rest.

Qi Gong involves coordinating slow-flowing movement and deep rhythmic breathing to create a calm meditative state of mind.

Workshops including sound healing will welcome Martina Saorin AKA Yogic Sound, to close the session with a gong bath. The sound vibrations immediately quiet the mind and allow whole body relaxation and healing. It is a simple yet profound way to connect with the core of our being and tune our body at the cellular level through the gentleness of its resonance

Herbal tea and nourishing treats included, plus full yoga studio equipment provided.